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How to see Bandwidth Usage Per Process With Nethogs Tool

Janeiro 31st, 2018

Have Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x server. How do I find out and groups network bandwidth usage by process under Linux operating systems? How do I find out what programs are using network bandwidth under Linux operating systems? How can I see bandwidth usage per PID, command, and user on a Linux operating systems?

You need to use nethogs command. It is a small “net top” tool.


Install nethogs on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux
  • sudo apt-get install nethogs


Install nethogs on a RHEL or CentOS or Fedora Linux
  • yum install nethogs


How do I use nethogs?
  • nethogs
  • nethogs eth1
  • nethogs eth0
  • sudo /usr/sbin/nethogs eth0
  • nethogs [option] eth0 eth1
  • nethogs [option] eth0 eth1 ppp0
m       Cycle between display modes (kb/s, kb, b, mb)
r       Sort by received.
s       Sort by sent.
q       Quit and return to the shell prompt.
-d       delay for refresh rate.
-h       display available commands usage.
-p       sniff in promiscious mode (not recommended).
-t        tracemode.
-V       prints Version info.


You can also use iftop
  • yum install iftop


How do I use iftop?
  • iftop